My Priorities for Waterford and the South East


Waterford’s agrifood industry needs sensible and graduated policies to adapt to Brexit, climate change and the need to reinvent our models of agriculture and fishing to be sustainable so locally grown vegetables, meat and fish are favoured.


A just transition approach is required to support and encourage communities and businesses on the climate action journey.

We need to accelerate the move to more sustainable energy sources such as solar, wind and biomass.

Health Equality

We need to see transparency in funding and autonomy in decision-making, regarding the governance of Waterford University Hospital and healthcare more generally.


We need a renewed focus on the provision of more social and affordable housing. There are government lands, redundant and brownfield sites, where a focus on long term sustainable development can be accommodated.


Digital skills, robotics, artificial intelligence, materials science and lean, efficient process development are key to manufacturing industries and knowledge based jobs.  Commuters need more virtual working, and Waterford is a well placed regional hub in this regard.


Justice delayed is justice denied. Access to justice is paramount and urgent reform is required across the system. Ireland needs a shared vision for a joined up criminal justice system, effective solutions and sanctions, with better outcomes for the public.


A university in Waterford will provide transformational change for the South-East. Focusing on key programme areas in science, technology, engineering and business provides the opportunity to position Waterford as a leading innovation hub across Europe.

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We are Ireland’s first city but no longer its most successful. This has been due to chronic under-investment by government. It is possible to reverse this trend this decade.

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