In this section of the website we bring together a range of supports, grants and entitlements that are available across a number of areas.  This information is collated direct from sources such as the Citizens Information Service, state agencies and other relevant bodies.  This content will be added to and refined over time. Should you have any specific queries or require support on an issue, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

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Home Energy Upgrade Grants

The SEAI provide a range of grant support and advice to help people upgrade their home, making it warmer and more energy efficient. Browse some of their initiatives below, you may be eligible for upgrades free of charge!

Solar Water Heating Grant

Solar thermal systems are designed to meet 50-60% of your overall hot water requirement over the year, thereby saving you money on your annual hot water heating bills. Find out more >

Solar Electricity Grant

We are delighted to offer homeowners a grant of up to €3,000 to support the installation of solar panels for electricity generation and battery energy storage systems. Find out more >

Insulation Grant

A home can lose over 30% of its heat through poorly insulated walls. Grants include cavity, internal and external wall insulation, along with attic insulation grants. Find out more >

Heating Controls Grant

Reduce your energy usage by up to 20% and save costs with home heating controls. Find out more >

Free upgrades for eligible homes

You may be eligible for a free home energy upgrade if your home was built and occupied before 2006 and you are in receipt of certain social welfare payments. Find out more >

Social Welfare Supports